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Bettina Kingma Photography comes alive

It is design projects like this, that once they are done – you sit back and go ‘Ahhhh…’

There are two reasons for this in the case of Bettina’s Blogsite:

  1. It was a marathon effort. I started designing for Bettina in late 2012. It was just a logo for her growing photography business and with travel, family and general life, it was on and off again and then grew from a logo into a Blogsite.
  2. Because we are both so happy with the final result!!!

Bettina’s photography world is going from strength to strength. Her images are strong and need no dressing-up.  She has a couple of little projects (and some big ones!) all the time, and is such a lovely story teller. We worked through quite a few logo concepts, but kept coming back to something simple.

Bettina wanted a Blogsite – to replace her blogger blog and her portfolio site. Using WordPress and Prophoto 4, we merged the two, to have a website that could house her galleries on static pages, host private client preview galleries, as well as a blog function. WordPress is perfect for this.

Bettina’s photography is being featured in the latest edition of Frankie Magazine (a favourite of mine) as well as part of the Shh Nobody’s watching project.


Check it out in the flesh (or pixels) Bettina Kingma Photography 

Wordpress and Photophoto by Kate Goldsby