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The new room

So with a new baby comes a new room. My taste and style have certainly changed since I last decorated a baby’s room.  I have few challenges this time around; we will be renting, we are moving soon, it will be a shared room with a 10 year old girl, don’t know (yet) if this baby is a boy or a girl, I don’t want to buy much new – hoping to up-cycle a lot.

One thing I have my heart set on, is a Jenny Lind Cot, this simple spindle style cot is a classic. They are really hard to get in Australia. not a flash cot, only $200 in the US, but getting them here is near impossible, unless your willing pay 5 times the price on eBay.

Jenny Lind Cot

Some shared rooms I love:

Shared baby room ideasShared baby room ideasImage sources: Young House Love / Collette via Apartment Therapy / Eli via Apartment Therapy / Martina via Apartment Therapy


I love these light, white rooms, with simple colour thrown in.

bright baby

Image sources: Tiny Warbler / Little House Blog


One of my favourites, I adore the room below. The mis-matched styling is perfect and colours are pretty cute as well.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.31.40 pm

Image Source:  I love Buttons


Seeing as this is a shared room, I have to keep Molly in mind. I have shown her my Pinterest board and she is generally happy with the feel for ‘their’ new room. I have let her choose her new quilt cover (from my short-list) as of course this will provide a huge part of the rooms overall look/feel. It also guide the rooms colours, though I won’t have a strict colour theme as such, I’d like the room to have a bit of a mis-matched, vintage feel. It will be colourful, with a strong white base.

mint aqua purple white colour scheme girls bedroom



Check out my growing Pinterest board of inspiration.

Pinterest Board


Let me know what you think!



Coming soon…

2014-06-03 17.41.25

Excited to announce….. I’m pregnant!!!  Baby no. 3 for me, baby no. 3 for hubby. Our first together.

Still sounds strange. I thought my baby-making days were done. My head had said no more, we already have 4 kids between us. But my heart wasn’t done. My heart yearned for one more. This is something I have wanted to share with him for a while, but the timing was never right and my head kept ruling it out.

I am also 10 years older than my first pregnancy, its been 7 years since my last pregnancy. Whilst I am still young, I can certainly feel the difference already. I have been sick and tired as expected. But that seems to be settling already.

This time around it is totally different, already.  Planning together, the excitement I see in his eyes, the care he is already taking of me, I know this time it will be different, it will be more, a very precious experience. To share this with my best friend, someone I love so deeply, someone who adores his family is magical.


P.S. I won’t deny it, I am hoping it is PINK

baby binky bunny


Loved this project. I am called the ‘Norni’ of my family, in honour of our Nan who was the seamstress, knitter etc of the family. My cousins often see my project and remind me I got her creative, sewing genes.

Etsy Pattern
My cousin is having a baby soon and her baby shower was coming up. I wanted to ‘make’ her something, in honour of our Norni.

I found this pattern on Etsy and it was perfect for what I had in mind. It was an easy pattern to follow and easy project to sew. Most beginners would have no problems with this. It took me about half a day – was a cold public holiday and the kids were away.

I found a ‘pack’ of fat quarters ready to make into the blanket, and would you believe it had the same brown/aqua spots as the pattern pictures! Made for it!

The embroidery on the eyes was the biggest challenge. Free hand – took me a few goes! Luckily I had plenty of felt to practice on.

When I gave it to my cousin at the baby shower, her smile was precious.


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